Day 6

Fake It Till’ You Make It

By Min. DJ

Psalm 103

"Bless the Lord, oh my soul". This is a strong command. Apparently, King David’s soul must not have always felt like blessing the Lord. Sound familiar? I will certainly admit that I don’t always feel like praising God. Sometimes I have to force my hands into the air, force my mouth open and command my soul to bless the Lord. Some people think that this kind of worship isn’t genuine, and I’ll admit that sometimes it feels like I’m just faking it. But in reality, my willingness to glorify God in spite of how I feel is a sign of my true commitment.

The soul is made up of the mind, the will, and the emotions. When you praise the Lord, you are surrendering your entire being to God.

Your brain may try to wander off into La-La-Land in rebellion. But you have to force your mind to focus. Verse 2 says not to forget His benefits. Something that helps me focus during worship is reminding myself of things God has done for me. Maybe you don’t really even want to praise God. That’s alright. Surrender your will (your desire) to God’s will (God’s desire). Or maybe you’re just not in the mood. You feel more like crying than singing. Do it anyway. As a Christian, you live by faith, not feelings. Nine times out of ten, you’ll feel better when you’re done.

Your mind must be persuaded, your will must be inspired, and your emotions must be drawn to glorify God. But even when you don’t feel persuaded, inspired and drawn to worship God, do it by faith. Go ahead and fake it til’ you make it. You may feel like you’re just pretending, but you’re not. As a Christian the real you (the spirit-man) truly wants to worship God. Surrender your whole being – spirit, soul, and body – to the Lord, and command yourself to bless the Lord. I guarantee you that the more you thank the Lord, the more you’ll have to thank Him for in the long run.