Day 5

Judgment, Overflow & Elevation

By Min. DJ

1 John 4:17

Have you made a practice of judging yourself regularly so that you won’t be judged by God? Have you experienced overflow this year in the areas of money, school, family, or spirituality? Have you elevated in your relationship with God this year? Well it’s not too late! I want to encourage you to press in and finish strong. God has some great things still in his storehouse for you and he wants you to juice this year for everything it’s worth! Let’s do a review on judgment, overflow and elevation.

In judging yourself, you want to cover three main areas: the things you did that you know you shouldn’t have, the things you didn’t do that you know you should have, and the things you don’t even know you did or didn’t do. It’s so important to apply 1 John 1:9 to our lives on a daily basis. To sin means to miss the mark. Sometimes we miss the mark because we decided to do what we wanted to do. But sometimes we didn’t even see the mark and so we missed it because of our ignorance. Both are sins and both require our confession and repentance before God.

Overflow is the guaranteed result of judgment. If we do not judge ourselves, we are in danger of receiving an overflow of death, which is the result of sin. When we judge ourselves we receive an overflow of both God’s mercy & His grace. His mercy saves us from the result of sin, which is death. His grace enables us to get back up, dust ourselves off and move forward in His righteousness. When we judge ourselves, we keep ourselves in position to receive the overflow of blessings God desires to pour on us.

Elevation happens as a result of righteous overflow as well. To elevate means to lift up, raise, to raise in rank or status, to exalt, to improve morally, intellectually, or culturally, and to raise the spirits of. All of these things happen when we receive the overflow of God’s grace and mercy. As God’s blessings flood our lives we float up to higher heights in our understanding and relationship with God.

God’s not finished blessing you this year. In fact, he always saves the best for last! Elevate, elevate, elevate!