Day 30

You Do Me, I’ll Do You

By Min. DJ

Ps 37:4

Have you ever thought that God was selfish? I used to before I came to understand this scripture. I mean God wants to be first in everything you do. He wants you to glorify Him in your body, soul, & spirit. Whatever you do, He says it should please Him. Sounds extremely selfish, doesn’t it? Come on…be honest! Yet the truth is that God is the least selfish being in the universe! He could’ve just destroyed the world after Adam sinned and created another one from scratch. Instead he came to the earth Himself and paid the ultimate price – death – for mankind’s sin. And now all He wants from us is…well, everything.

But how could such a kind, merciful, understanding & loving God require so much from His people? The text says that if you delight yourself in the LORD that he would give you the desires of your heart. In other words, “You do me, I’ll do you”. God set it up this way for our benefit, not just His own. If you did nothing else all day for the rest of your life but what felt good to you, you still couldn’t give yourself the desires of your own heart. No matter what we do to please ourselves, we don’t have the ability to obtain our hearts desire on our own. God knew this. And He loved us so much that He just had to make a way for us to have our hearts’ desires. This scripture shows us the way – as we do what gives God pleasure, He does for us what gives us pleasure. And you know something? God knows how to please, satisfy and make us happy even better than we do ourselves. That’s why we shouldn’t give God a Santa list – “I want this and that and about 4 of those”. He knows the difference between what’s really good, and what just looks good.

This applies to dating just as much. You can spend your teenage years trying to please yourself with fleeting relationships that only end in heartbreaks and headaches. Or you can spend your time pleasing God and let Him bless you with the finest thing walking, inside and out, at the right time. God loves us, and He has designed a path for us to receive everything we need. But we have to choose His path. Take care of God’s business and He’ll take care of you!