Day 27

Welcome to the Club – Pt. 2

By Min. DJ

It is critically important that we as men and women of God be free of sin consciousness. When you see yourself as a sinner you are most likely to continue in sin. I'm reminded of a parable I once heard about this kid who was walking down the road and he passed a little mud hole where a bunch of kids were playing and they called for him to join them. He considered it for a moment, but he looked down and he had his sweet all white Air Force One's on and they were all nice and clean. So he was like, “whatever”! So he passed it by and kept walking. On his way back, though, he made a mistake and stepped both feet in a mud pot in the road and totally jacked his shoes up. So again he passed by the hole where the kids were, and again they called for him to join them. Again he considered for a moment looking down at his dirty shoes and decided, “what the heck, I'm already dirty”!

How much easier it is to avoid fornication when you're a virgin. How much less dramatic it is to “Just Say No” when you’ve never said yes. Why do you think that is? Because you were stronger then? Probably not. Because you didn’t know what you were missing? Not likely. Sin is just as alluring to our curiosity as it is to our memories. Most likely it’s because after you've messed up once, you no longer see yourself as "pure". Which leads us to the solution - It’s all in how you see yourself.

Paul understood this concept and said he had mastered the art of "Hakuna Matata". You remember the Lion King song, which in the cartoon meant to put the past behind you. You can't keep beating yourself up about the sin. You've got to throw it to the side. Stop identifying with your faults and weaknesses. You don't defeat sin by paying closer attention to it. The more you focus on the problem, the more relevance it has in your life and the more power it has over you. Stop looking at the problem and start looking to the solution! God promised in I John 1:9 that he would wash away your sins if you’d just admit you were wrong. Once you repent, it’s as if you’ve never sinned! Start seeing yourself this way and you’ll come to find that you’ll have a lot less to repent for.