Day 24

To Date or Not to Date

By Min. DJ

Romans 12:2

Dating is one of the hottest topics in adolescence and it usually provides for the biggest gossip. “Guess what! Billy just broke up with Amy, and I heard Amy ‘sposed to be talking to Roger now, but we’ll see how long that last ‘cuz we all know that Roger really wants to talk to Lucy, but Lucy still goes with Bobby!” I’m sure with little effort you could replace these names with some real people you know. Everywhere you look, someone’s always hooking up while someone else is breaking up. “But what’s wrong with that”, you ask? “Isn’t the hookup-breakup cycle just a part of growing up?” Maybe that’s true for the unsaved teenager, but it shouldn’t be so for a Christian. Christianity is different from religion because religion is about routine, but Christianity is about relationship, and the most important relationship being with Christ.

Since God is more interested in our relationship than our routine, bad relationships have a worse effect on a Christian than even a non-Christian.

The Bible says in Romans 12:2 that we are not to conform or shape our lives to the world’s way of doing things. The world has a way that they date, and it’s based on rules that just don’t work for a Christian. The love that God has instilled in the heart of a believer is unselfish. But the world’s dating system is rooted in selfishness. Two unsaved teenagers can date today knowing that tomorrow they’ll have to break up because the only thing that matters is what feels good to them in the moment. They don’t have to wait until they are ready for a serious commitment, because it’s all about what they can get from the relationship and not about what they have to offer to it. If a saved teenager tries to date like that they’ll only end up brokenhearted, compromised, confused and utterly unfulfilled.

“So then, how SHOULD a Christian date?” Proverbs 18:22 says “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”. Notice it doesn’t say “he who finds a girlfriend”. Now you have to date a person before you can marry them, but the verse tells us what the man is supposed to be looking for – a wife. If he’s not looking for a wife then he shouldn’t be looking at all. Also notice it didn’t say “SHE who finds a husband”. Ladies, you’re not supposed to be looking. You are supposed to be found, and you should only be found by someone that’s looking for a wife. If he’s not looking for a wife then he’s only looking for someone that he can use in the meantime. You both were bought with the price of Jesus’ precious blood and you’re worth more than a cheap thrill. Don’t sell yourself short by conforming to the world’s way of dating. Commit to glorify God in your relationships and He will bless you at the right time with the right person!