Day 21

The 100% Guaranteed Way
to Succeed in Life

By Min. DJ

Joshua 1:8

How many times have you asked God to make you successful? Oh well. Don’t worry – HE WON’T. Have you been praying that God would prosper your way? You might as well STOP! Ok, ok, that’s a little harsh. But, it’s true if you’re not going to do something about your own success and prosperity.

On the road to success there are two ditches on each side that people sometimes fall into. On one side is the idea that God determines who succeeds and who doesn’t. On the other side is the idea that God has nothing to do with who succeeds and who doesn’t. Both philosophies are wrong. Don’t fall into the ditch on either side. Success is a joint effort between you and God. The road to success is paved by God, but you are the one that has to walk it out. Joshua 1:8 says “thou shalt make thy way”. The ball is in your court. The power is in your hands. The choice is yours not God’s. In fact, God has done everything He needs to do in order for you to be successful. He wrote an instruction manual on success and prosperity and gave it to you. (It’s called the BIBLE. Duh!) Now it’s your turn, your move, your life.

The Reading tells us that meditating on the instruction manual - the Word of God - is the only sure fire method of success. Period. No matter how hard you work, how much you study, and how talented you are. The secrets to true success are locked in the Word of God, and meditating the Word day and night is the key. “Day and night? Are you serious?” Sounds extremely time consuming doesn’t it? Relax. It’s easier than you think. This doesn’t mean that you spend the whole day reading the Word. It means that you consider what you read all day and in everything you do. For example, some people meditate on what other people think about them. They consider it in everything they do, from the way they wear their hair to the people they sit with in the lunchroom. That’s what you have to do with the Bible. Consider it in everything you do. Then you will make your way prosperous and without a doubt, you will be successful!