Day 2

Birds & Bobcats

By Min. DJ

Wait! Don’t throw away your dumbbells and funky workout shoes just yet. This scripture doesn’t say that physical exercise is useless. It says it “profiteth little” which means that it only lasts for a little while. That means that it only “profiteth” you if you stick with it. Last month’s workout isn’t going to do a whole lot of good for you today.

I found this out the hard way recently. Shortly before my 25th birthday, my fiancé and I decided that we were both going to get in shape. So we both forked out some money and joined a fitness club and began working out in the gym together. This was the first time in my life that I’d ever even attempted to “hit the weights” so as you can probably guess, the weights were hitting me more than I was them. I’ve never had a problem with gaining weight, and in fact, I thought I could stand to gain a few pounds. So that was my objective. Bulk up a bit, but not too much. I was satisfied with my overall build. I just wanted a little more mass. Just a small upgrade from a bird to - I don’t know - a bobcat perhaps :) . After only a few months of consistent exercise, I began seeing results. After about 9 months, I had reached my goal and I was quite satisfied. So slowly but surely over the next few months, I gradually slowed and finally stopped working out altogether. After all, I had reached my goal, right? Wrong! Within a few months with no exercise, I began to shrink until I could see that old bird trying to reclaim its old nest. I knew that a person could gain weight if they didn’t exercise, but I had no idea that if I didn’t maintain my newfound physique that I could lose it. So, I’m back to square one, doing it all over again, but this time I’ve learned my lesson. I’m going to stick with it – for life.

There’s a lesson in my story and in the reading for you as well. You cannot get lazy in your victories. When you reach a new level in life and accomplish something that you’ve never accomplished before, you must continue to do whatever you did to get the victory in order to keep it. That may apply to your victory over lying, or successfully bringing your grades up, or maybe your closer walk with God. Whatever it took for you to reach this level, it’s going to take that to stay here. And it’s going to require even more of you to get to the next level.