Day 17

Man Up!

By Min. DJ

God made man to have dominion. He intended for man to rule and reign, but not just any man – the just man. The word “just” means righteous, or in other words, a man that will do what is right. This makes perfect sense in light of Romans 6:16 which basically says that a person that let’s sin rule their life is not a man at all, but a slave. The just man is a boss, not a slave. He has his flesh under subjection. His sprit is in control, not his body. He will choose to do what is right regardless of the conditions.

Integrity is what separates the men from the manslaves. A working definition for integrity is doing what is right even when nobody’s looking. A just or righteous man is committed to doing the just and righteous thing even if he knows no one will ever find out. That type of man will always have dominion. You can be that type of man. God has called you to walk in dominion, but integrity is all about choices. Regular everyday decisions like doing your own school work or copying someone else’s. Cleaning up your room when your parents ask you to, or hiding everything in the closet and under the bed so that it looks like you did your chores. And here’s a huge integrity tester – telling the truth all the time. The man in dominion always tells the truth, even when it hurts. If they were wrong, they’ll admit they were wrong. If they made a mistake, they’ll own up to it.

Living this way can be a little painful to the flesh at times, especially when doing what’s right is the opposite of what everyone else is doing. However, living in your God-given authority has certain benefits that make it well worth it. Psalm 112 says that this kind of man is wise, popular, successful, and not to mention filthy rich! But you have to be willing to pay the costs to be the boss so...MAN UP!